Posters, program book, brochures, billboards and promotional material for the 2017–2018 season of RambaZamba. — Visual Identity, Editorial Design and continuing Art Direction
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The Karl Schmidt-Rottluff grant is awarded for outstanding artistic achievement. Open House shows the 25 finalists as a presentation open for public. Photos by Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes/Stefan Lucks — Visual Identity, Signage & Wayfinding System
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Visual Identity and Communication for the award-winning theatre RambaZamba, the most important inclusive theatre in Germany. The RambaZamba ensemble is regularly invited to prominent theatres and festivals in Germany and abroad. Renowned theatre practitioners and artists take part in productions and happenings because, as the former director of the Berlin Volksbühne, Frank Castorf said, »RambaZamba is the only theatre that gets away with no sense of ethical crisis. The tragic is transformed into a joyous message.« — Visual Identity, Editorial Design and continuing Art Direction
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A new website for a renowned art gallery. Galerie Thomas Schulte was one of the first galleries to open in Berlin after Germany’s reunification. It quickly became known for its select exhibition program, which not only offered innovative and thought-provoking works by represented artists, but it also created a platform for pioneering international artists in Berlin’s newly re-emerging art scene. — Webdesign and Art Direction
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The Hamansutra brand treats clothing as art objects. For each collection (Artificial skin, CMYK, Denim by) we developed a new unique look and extensive accompanying material. — Visual Identity, Art Direction and Editorial Design
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Folkdays is a fair fashion label from Berlin. Its passion is finding original sources of high quality materials and handcrafts with an authentic story behind them. In their design choices they aim to keep the traditional style of craft and combine it with modern simplicity. We developed a visual identity that takes inspiration from traditional folk art forms and patterns. The resulting modular wordmark is versatile and every time unique. — Visual Identity and continuing Art Direction
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Resopal Schallware is a label for contemporary electronic music. Beside it‘s own booking agency, Resopal Schallware focuses on international artist marketing and consulting. We developed a new visual identity and are responsible for the design of all its releases. — Visual Identity and continuing Art Direction
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The Karl Schmidt-Rottluff grant is awarded for outstanding artistic achievement. We were commissioned to design a visual system for the slipcase and a series of publications for the stipend holders. — Editorial Design
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Berlinale — Visual Identity (Pitch), Lyrix 10 years — Visual Identity, DamienDamien — Visual Identity & Webdesign, Heidi Winge Strøm — Visual Identity & Webdesign, Meanwhile Elsewhere — Publication, Pitti Uomo — Installation
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We designed a new visual identity including visual guidelines, brand manuals, webshop and website, stationery, and a custom-made typeface titled »Mazine Neue«. This font is the basis of a flexible and multi-purpose visual system, which was specifically designed for easy management and implementation by Mazine’s in-house designers. — Visual Identity and Art Direction
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Design for several publications and events for the Royal College of Art, including the catalogues for Communication of Art and Design, Design Interactions and Research of Art and Design. — Editorial Design
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The OM-D: Photography Playground, an interactive arts exhibition, plays with the theme „Space and Art“ and illusion. In the graphic identity, the idea is similarly communicated through the vanishing boundaries of space and impossible perspective. The simple modular system consists of monochrome cubes which are flexibly arranged for a wide range of media. — Visual Identity and Exhibition Graphics
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